Interview On the MindShift Podcast: Deconstruction and the Theology of the Cross

I recently got interviewed by Clint Heacock from the MindShift Podcast about the deconstruction of my evangelical faith. Clint also asked me about the theological process involved and if there was any reconstruction after it all fell apart. I did retain something—or better, found something new—after all. It is called the theology of the cross.

When Evangelicalism No Longer Works For You Part I

When Evangelicalism No Longer Works For You Part II

By the way, the theologian I refer to but whose name eludes me (as always) during the interview is Justo L. González.


Josh de Keijzer, Ph.D. Systematic Theology, Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN, USA. Bonhoeffer scholar. Currently living in the Netherlands.

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